Two projects of BIRD INITIATIVE were carved out as Intent Exchange Inc. and BitQuark Inc.

Two businesses promoted by BIRD INITIATIVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Seiko Kitase, CEO: Satoshi Konno), “Automatic Negotiation AI x Drone” and “AI Simulator “assimee”, will be launched on April 1, 2023. Intent Exchange, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Intent Exchange) was carved out as BitQuark, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as BitQuark).

Intent Exchange is a distributed drone operation management system that utilizes automatic negotiation AI, and BitQuark is a business centered on providing "assimee," a production and logistics area simulator that implements next-generation AI. We aim to create a better life and social environment through research, development, and giving back to society in each specialized field.

BIRD INITIATIVE will continue to provide a carve-out support platform that allows companies to establish companies and take in external funds to scale up assets such as cutting-edge technology and human resources accumulated by large companies at the speed of a startup. .

In addition, we will establish such Japanese-style innovation creation methods and contribute to expanding Japan's industrial competitiveness.

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage of Intent Exchange and BitQuark, two companies that fly from BIRD INITIATIVE.

Intent Exchange, BitQuark Company Profile

Company name Intent Exchange Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Shinji Nakadai

Business details
・Operation management services for mobility such as drones. Route coordination with other operators and operational support for multiple aircraft owned by operators
・Providing a coordination platform for supply chain, procurement and logistics commercial transactions (delivery dates and prices)

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Company name BitQuark Co., Ltd.

Representative Director Yuto Komori

Business details
・Provision, development, and operation of production/logistics area simulator “assimee”
・Research, development, operation, and consulting of solution technology that utilizes data
・Work related to corporate digital transformation

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