The final event of the global business contest 「NEC Innovation Challenge 2023」was held. Dronamics (TIIVE)

The NEC Innovation Challenge 2023, a global business contest for startups from around the world, focuses on LLM (Large Language Model), healthcare, smart cities (child monitoring, smart retail), urban agriculture (agricultural waste), A total of 537 applications were received under four themes (effective utilization of materials, sustainable pest control), and screening continues. A final event was held on January 30th and 31st, 2024, and the winners of each award, including the NEC Award, were decided. BIRD INITIATIVE has selected Dronamics, a company that provides innovative logistics services using unmanned aerial vehicles.

Twelve startup companies selected through each screening phase of 「NEC Innovation Challenge 2023」 participated in the final event held online. As a result of the final judging held after each company's pitch, the winners of the NEC Award, BIRD INITIATIVE Award, NOFF Award (NOFF: NEC Orchestrating Future Fund), and AGRI-TECH INNOVATOR Award were determined. In the future, we will promote the creation of innovations that open up the future through co-creation with startup companies including award winners.

[Award-winning startup] ~Winner of both BIRD INITIATIVE Award and NOFF Award~

・Company name (country): Dronamics (UK)
・Theme: Smart City
・Overview: A drone aviation service that realizes long-distance cargo delivery at low cost and in a short period.

Reason for selecting BIRD INITIATIVE Award

In our business contest, we have selected Dronamics, a company that is developing innovative initiatives in the field of smart retail.

The logistics service using unmanned aircraft proposed by Dronamics has technology that enables transporting a certain amount of cargo over long distances and is expected to differentiate it from competitors in the logistics industry. As proof of this, the company has a proven track record of flying in Europe, and we believe it has tremendous potential for future business expansion in Japan. Our company has a track record of commercializing BitQuark and Intent Exchange, which provide innovative technology in the logistics and drone business, in April last year, and we believe that we can contribute to the commercialization of Dronamics in Japan. I am.

In addition, through the support program provided by our company, Dronamics will be able to form alliances with large domestic companies and develop new customers as they expand their business in Japan. This is expected to open up new horizons for the drone logistics business in the Japanese market.

With this selection, we will work with Dronamics to build an innovative business model that will shape the future of logistics.

NEC Award

Providing an opportunity to consider collaboration with NEC and up to 2.2 million yen in PoC (Proof of Concept) funding

【Award-winning startup】

・Company name (country): Rey Assurance (Indonesia)
・Theme: Healthcare
・Overview: Provides a digital platform that connects medical institutions, patients, and insurance companies



Providing PoC (Proof of Concept) usage rights using Kawasaki City Agricultural Technology Support Center

【Award-winning startup】

・Company name (country): Mushroom Material (New Zealand)
・Theme: Urban agriculture
・Summary: Developed styrofoam material based on mushroom stones



BIRD INITIATIVE will take this participation in 「NEC Innovation Challenge 2023」 as an opportunity to further promote co-creation with startup companies and accelerate and promote innovation on a global scale.

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