Kiyomitsu Kitase's first book「Large Corporate Innovation」 is published.

Seiko Kitase, who has created numerous new businesses at NEC, publishes his first book!

Big business innovation
Four keys to success in new business

There are new business developments that only large companies can do!
A detailed explanation of the essentials for successful innovation at a large company, such as building processes from vision formulation to business development, how to create an evaluation system, and inviting members from outside the company.
This is a must-read book for anyone starting a new business.

Book Summary

  • Book title: Large-scale corporate innovation: 4 keys to success in new businesses
  • Author: Seiko Kitase
  • Publisher: Gentosha
  • Release date: December 4, 2023
  • Regular price: 1,760 yen
  • ISBN-10 4344947460
  • ISBN-13 978-4344947467
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Kitase's interview article was published in 「Japan Innovation Review Author Interview」 (new window Part 1new window Part 2アマゾンランキングのロゴ

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There are difficulties unique to large companies!
New business development to overcome the changing times

NEC's new business development manager's first book!
The author, who has developed and commercialized many new business models,
Explaining the key points for creating innovation in large companies!
Utilizing AI and various robots, increasing the sophistication of autonomous driving, and responding to various applications
All kinds of technologies, such as the development of drones, continue to develop around the world, mainly in the IT and manufacturing industries.
Past successful models will not last forever.
If we do not innovate, we will be weeded out in the midst of the great turbulence of the times.
However, in Japan, large companies that have been leading the IT and manufacturing industries
The author says that innovation is stagnant.
Excellent human resources within a company are often surrounded as the ace of existing businesses,
Opportunities to play an active role in new business development are rare.
Even when an idea for a new business is created, it must be escalated to a decision maker within the company for approval.
It's a multi-step process.

Furthermore, the evaluation is 「How much sales will it generate」? and 「Can it become profitable in 3 years」?
The same timeline and criteria as existing businesses are applied, such as 「Have all risks been eliminated」?
As a result, businesses are being nipped in the bud.
They are also overly focused on internal resources, saying that 「core technology and excellent human resources should not be outsourced」.
Opportunities for collaboration with outside parties are also being lost.

NEC, to which the author belongs, also has these issues, and although there are research seeds, it is difficult to commercialize them.
It is said that it was one of the large companies that were said to be incompetent.
However, in 2013, when business performance deteriorated significantly, he said, 「If things continue like this, there is no future」.
With the aim of creating business and reforming a conservative organizational culture due to a strong sense of crisis among management.
Established 「Business Innovation Headquarters (BIU)」
NEC has taken the first step towards revitalization in order to transform into an innovative company.

The author points out that new business divisions are difficult to evaluate based on the standards of existing businesses.
Recognizing the problems that are hindering development, we have created a new performance evaluation system for new businesses.
I made. Furthermore, when launching a new business, large companies have to deal with the issue of speed.
We will actively carry out carve-outs using external capital to resolve the issue.
Boldly engage in open innovation that combines knowledge both inside and outside the company.
I kept pushing forward. As a result, the establishment of a company that conducts AI data analysis business in the United States,
We will advance the AI ​​drug discovery business in collaboration with overseas companies and advance into the healthcare field.
We have been able to successively create new businesses one after another.
Through these experiences, the author has learned what it takes for large companies to successfully innovate.
He is now convinced that there are "four keys."
Establish a clear vision and goals at the outset, and gather human resources capable of developing new businesses.
Build a system for continuous development and establish a business evaluation system for new business development.
The goal is to establish a new one and create a common language for each new business development process.
If these things can be done, innovations originating from large companies will be closer to success.

This book explains these four keys in detail, including examples from NEC.
When working on new business development at a large company, you can clarify the path to success.
This is a practical book.

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