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[assimee] teaser site released



Teaser site for AI simulator released


BIRD INITIATIVE Co., Ltd. has released a teaser site for the AI ​​simulator , which can be used in various manufacturing and logistics-related situations, such as laying the optimal line for product manufacturing, installing equipment, and optimizing warehouse logistics. Did.


The next-generation AI simulator, which incorporates AI researched and developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), achieves highly accurate simulations in a short period of time without relying on on-site experience and intuition. Masu. By recreating production lines and logistics bases in digital space, it is possible to repeatedly perform "prototype production/trial run/evaluation/improvement" in a risk-free environment that is "cheap, safe, precise, and fast."

Creating a simulation model that accurately reproduces reality required a huge amount of data and a high degree of expertise, but with assimee, thanks to AI, you can easily create a simulation model with minimal data and even without specialized knowledge. You can build a digital twin. In the VUCA era, it has become essential to constantly adjust production volume and logistics. With assimee, AI directly approaches the items you want to adjust, so instead of simply maximizing or minimizing, you can derive the "optimal" equipment utilization rate and staffing according to the situation. Maximize the effectiveness of your investment.

Future activities and results will be published on our website, so please check it out.

AI simulator assimeehttps://assimee.com/


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