BIRD INITIATIVE joins IIC, one of the world's largest IoT promotion organizations



BIRD INITIATIVE joins IIC, the world's leading IoT promotion organization


BIRD INITIATIVE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kitase) has become a member of the Industrial IoT Consortium (hereinafter referred to as IIC).


The IIC is one of the world's largest IoT advocacy organizations, building an ecosystem of IoT-interested companies, researchers, and public institutions to create an open, interoperable network for connecting smart devices, machines, people, and processes. A consortium that identifies standard requirements and defines a common architecture.

BIRD aims to meet new partners for both the assimiee business and automatic negotiation business, strengthen relationships, and gain wide recognition through participation in IIC subcommittees and working groups. I am also saying the following.

「BIRD INITIATIVE is excited to participate in the enrichment and development of IIC. Regarding negotiation, we will contribute to the development of technology and business.」

From now on, BIRD will be speaking at seminars sponsored by IIC and participating in subcommittees.

Future activities and results will be published on the IIC and BIRD homepages, so please check back.
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■ About 「BIRD INITIATIVE Co., Ltd.」
While social and organizational issues are becoming more complex due to the advancement of digitalization, social change is accelerating, and the importance of research and development to speed up problem solving is increasing. Under these circumstances, BIRD INITIATIVE Co., Ltd. was formed to create new businesses through co-creative R&D through the collaboration of six companies: business companies, financial companies, and academia, and will carry out research and development by bringing together issues and technologies among industry, government, and academia. We promote a new research and development system called "co-creative R&D," and conduct business such as research and development, contract research, consulting, and investment related to digital technology.

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