Improving the sophistication and efficiency of decision-making using digital twins

In the VUCA era, competitiveness is greatly influenced by the ability to continuously respond to complex situations.
By repeating "prototyping/trial run/evaluation/improvement" in digital space and implementing optimal measures whose effectiveness, cost, and risk have been verified in real space, we can carry out detailed decision-making cheaply, safely, and quickly. go.

Digital Twin Mobius

Double loop of decision making using digital twin

Setup: Preparing and adjusting the execution environment

In the digital space, simulation preparation and adjustment
In real space, preparation and adjustment of products, equipment, and processes

Visualization: Acquisition and comprehension/understanding of execution results

In the digital space, we can visualize “what will happen if we do it” from the results of multiple simulations.
In real space, we can visualize “what is happening now” from data observed from actual equipment and equipment.

Analysis: Calculate KPI groups such as effectiveness, cost, bottleneck, risk, etc.

In the digital space, predict KPIs in virtual situations set in simulations.
In real space, calculate KPIs for the actual equipment and facilities that acquired observation data.

Countermeasure: Improvement/optimization of measures

Digital space: Discover better/optimal measures through trial and error through simulation
Real space: Identification of targets to be improved and optimized from execution results under various real disturbances

Action: Traffic between two spaces

Digital → Reality: Operate discovered improvements and optimal measures in real space
Reality → Digital: Feedback of characteristics of products, equipment, and processes, including environmental changes and disturbances

By constructing these steps correctly and touring them in real and digital space, it becomes possible to easily consider the measures necessary for decision-making at low cost, in a short period.

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