BIRD INITIATIVE × Loan Deal Co., Ltd.: “Rental transfer” experience case

At Loan Deal Co., Ltd., which provides a "rental transfer" program that allows human resources from large companies to participate in the business development of venture companies for a certain period and develop them, BIRD INITIATIVE's philosophy is to "break out of your shell and achieve innovation from R&D as quickly as possible." Kiyoshi Kawai is currently working at Seiko Epson Corporation and is involved in the development of image-processing technology for printers and projectors.Article about 「rental transfer」 experienceis published.

Mr. Kawai says that BIRD INITIATIVE's desire to bring technology to the world as quickly as possible, commercialize it, and help solve social issues matches his own awareness of the issues, and by actually working as a member of BIRD INITIATIVE, , it depicts how students acquire the strength to take action themselves. Please read this as a good example of how one challenger can influence those around him and create the next challenger.

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